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Consumers who take their time to understand what the market place has on offer for them rarely make mistakes in their purchases. This is because they make decisions when they are ready to make them. Pre purchase research also helps consumers to compare similar service providers with the end game being able to separate between similar looking companies.

In the past, the consumer report magazine was such an important part of the research process. The magazine not only carried editorials about products/services, but also rated a good number of them. Consumers who wanted to buy something simply needed a copy.

In an e-commerce charged world, consumers need more than the consumer report magazine to find good recommendations. They need the support of online communities to not only identify good essay writing companies, but also great communities where all the information they need is available.

Essay writing companies provide very little information to their customers before they can buy from them. The companies don’t have open customer service reviews; neither do they have open systems as is the case with major e-commerce companies. Students in need of their services are required to find the information about them on different platforms such as

Why reviews are important

Customer reviews are very important to anyone who is looking for an essay writing company. They can help the student discover amazing companies they can buy from as well as good service providers they can trust. Apart from this, you will also notice that there are very many custom essay writing companies out there. Although some of them are good, a lot of them aren’t. It is important for the consumers to differentiate between the two. is one of the review websites that helps students tell the difference between the capacities of various essay writing companies.

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How the site works

This website has a lot of reviews. The first of reviews that we use come from real essay writing company customers. After they have used a given essay writing service, the customers come to us with their comments, ratings and feedback describing their experience. If you are in need of custom essay writing companies, you can easily get a good one from the list.

In addition to that, we also ask some of our experts to write comprehensive reviews about essay writing companies. We use their feedback to come up with custom reviews potential buyers can trust.